Hi, I am Wyatt Gaines.

Graphic designer by day, puppy-owner at all times and cyclist on the weekends.

Relax, I’ve got it handled.

Time and time again I have been tasked with accomplishing a lot in a limited setting. I know what it’s like the be the lynchpin of complicated processes that require a successful outcome. When you work with me you are working with a self-made designer that has put his neck on the line time and time again for his work.


Work with someone who is just like you.

Vast CPG Industry Experience

CPG is the culmination of brand, graphics and real-life constraints. Only the skilled can thrive in this environment.


Working with journalists taught me how to ask inquisitive questions that can reveal a spark.


Leave it better than you found it applies to graphic design workflow, too.

Eye for design

The intangible ‘it’ factor of quickly pulling together an awesome composition.

Digital Design Native

Being rooted heavily in web has fostered a deep care towards your brand’s representation on screen.

What you get when you work with me

A creative venture is more than a box on the shelf or a shiny new logo. Prepare as we push the limits of possibility on a journey of growth and discovery.

Creative spark

Peace of mind

Growth promotion

Simplifying the complex

View yourself in a new light

Academic History

Focusing on self-improvement is integral to our ethos, both for our brands and business. The commitment to enhancing my education is driven by the goal of achieving better outcomes for you.

Bachelor’s in graphic design

The Art Institute of Portland, 2012


Learning the language of the PM office and applying it.

Brand Positioning Cont. EdU.

I learned from the best on how to position a brand.

Nothing worthwhile is gained without sacrifice

B a c k T o T o p B a c k T o T o p