Creative work that subverts the ordinary for those that challenge the status quo

My vision is to enlighten subversive brands with visuals that provide comfort in their expression. We want you to be comfortable in your own clothes, however wacky, straight laced or subversive they may be.


It all starts with a brand. If a company is a car your brand is the engine, begin here to set yourself up for success.

Package Design

Navigating print can be an esoteric world. I've cut my teeth on large print projects and am ready to apply my expertise to yours.


Crafted experiences that target your user's needs. My training and experience in UI/UX will guide you to the correct user path.

Wyatt is a freelance graphic designer

My life’s work is focused on creative endeavors and I keep myself in a state of open consciousness in order to preform my best on your project.

GO above & beyond With your project

“Our collaboration with Wyatt was a great experience. Wyatt’s brilliance and creativity were evident from the start, and his willingness to venture beyond his comfort zone led to visually stunning and highly effective designs.”
Johanna Wood, CEO

“In addition to his stellar artistic skills and vast knowledge of design, I found his marketing perspective and insights added value far beyond the designs themselves. He truly is a pleasure to collaborate with.”
Angie Anderson-May, Brand Manager

“Wyatt proves time and time again to be a fully dedicated, passionate, and uber-talented creator. His attention to detail and natural eye for balance in design is something to be envied by his peers.”
Emily Campbell, Account Executive

A creative that is committed to growth & betterment

Join with me for a transformative adventure where we’ll sprinkle confidence, spark with creativity, and plant the seeds for an optimistic future for your brand.

Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up

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