Logo design systems

Branding is the process of creating and disseminating the brand name, its qualities and personality. Branding could be applied to the entire corporate identity as well as to individual products and services or concepts.


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Gear Up Maupin

Gear Up Maupin: an e-bike rental service nestled in rural Maupin, Oregon, offers epic adventures amidst the Deschutes River and breathtaking views of Mt. Hood. When tasked with designing their logo, the vision was clear: showcase a bicycle, the mountain, river, and a sunny motif to attract visitors from Portland. The outcome? A vibrant symbol seamlessly blending outdoor elements with electric themes.

Clover Cuts Barbershop

Clover Cuts is an alternative barbershop specializing in mullets, skin fades and traditional fare, too. Their open and inclusive environment, paired with bohemian and folk art roots come together in this amazing identity for them.

Roam Devices

Roam Devices, a startup challenging industry giants in the boat monitoring system space, initially came to me with an amateurish logo and brand. Together, we forged a new, contemporary nautical identity that elevated their brand to new heights.

R&L Realty Group

A group of renovators and agents in the pacific northwest that specializes in housing flips needed a logo to brand their new venture. The foundation of the brand is the partnership between the agents and is represented as such in their identity via a custom ampersand with housing reference.

Envision Home Properties

Real estate agency spanning 2 metro areas in the northwest. Envision came to me with an outdated logo and we explored its evolution. Outdated design motifs were removed and we brightened the palette for an awesome look.

Forged Together Oregon

We put together a box of beer from collaborating breweries and sold it for charity to those affected in the Oregon wildfires. The brand was created in order unite many entities into one unified cause.

Happy Pack Brand

Happy Pack came to me to revise their logo for use on merchandise, apparel and social media. I identified a few trouble points for the mark and collaboratively worked with the owner to polish them up for the brand's first run.

Dawson's Mt. Hood Auto

An epic setting deserves to be depicted in a brand, sometimes. In this case, Pac NW mechanic shop sought to connect with their customer's lifestyle as well as communicate their mechanical prowess.

Hops and Hoops Logo

In addition to building out an entire campaign, I even designed the logo for the sports beer marketing effort.

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